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The Keys to Drive

We are all making the most out of this time. Things are different and we are just doing our best. Of course virtual training is not an ideal experience, but it is still a viable option. The beauty is that on the other side of our WiFi connection, there are real people that we are connecting with. In virtual one-on-one sessions there is a real relationship being enhanced and maintained every single session. Even though we have all been doing our best to adapt to this new way of living, there are still things that we struggle through and will continue to struggle through for a very long time.

I miss the days that you could just go to a grocery store and walk-in. Lines are ok if you are waiting to go on your favorite ride in a theme park and there is an excitement that builds, but not so much when you are just trying to buy your favorite produce and everyday groceries. It is so easy to have drive when you are excited about life. There are things in life that motivate us like going to our favorite workout class and being around all that positive energy. We can go to our favorite restaurants and have food, wine, and talk for hours. As much as I love training at home and using kettlebells, dumbbells, and body weight, those workouts sometimes do not compare to the barbells, cables, and other equipment in the gym. So even though things are different, how do we still give life our best shot? How do we find that drive?

Make Your Goals a Journey, Not a Destination

The book Passion Paradox, by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, describes dopamine as the molecule of desire and motivation. When talking about dopamine, they say “We don’t get hooked on the feeling associated with achievement, we get hooked on the feeling associated with the chase.” Since our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they had to keep stock up to be prepared for times of scarcity. Which led us to never be satisfied and to keep pushing forward. This amazing neurochemical that we have called dopamine is responsible for us wanting to achieve our goals, but also for creating new ones when we reach them. 

Set goals to reach, but do not stop setting new ones. If you set a goal to lose 5 lbs, then what happens when you reach that? Sometimes you might lose motivation completely. But if your goal is to be the most fit then you ever have been, then when you lose that weight you will keep pushing onward to the next goal. The work is never fully finished. 

Don’t Create Rewards, Create Enjoyment

It is natural to think rewards would teach us to elicit better behavior. However in Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, he talks about how that is not always the case. Rewards can actually negatively affect creativity and performance. Sometimes we can get so focused on a reward that we lose sight of the task itself. Sometimes we might bribe ourselves with rewards to bring out our best. But in actuality, we are going to bring out our best when we just enjoy what we are doing. If you want to get in better shape, fall in love with the act of moving more and cooking food that is healthy and tasty. Take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the moment and embrace it. Make the little moments in your journey matter. 

Keep Asking Questions

So you wanna start working out. Why is that important to you? How would that affect you? Who else would be affected when you take better care of your health? What kind of change are you looking to see? Why is now the perfect time? 

Your mind wants to solve questions. Keep asking yourself the right ones. Ask the questions that are going to help you find the motivation you need. You are going to have more drive when you can involve emotion and when your goals affect other people other than yourself. 

Drive is going to help you reach your personal best in all aspects of your life. Drive is going to help you bring out the best in other people. Drive is going to help you understand your true capabilities. Drive does not always come naturally, but we can learn how to manifest it.


7 Ways to Bring Your Favorite Studio Fitness Elements Home

A trip to a fitness class is the perfect break in the routine of our day to day lives – it’s a 45-minute escape to blow off steam, stop thinking, and just move. Group fitness provides us with the opportunity to de-stress, boost endorphins, and find the level of connection that we crave. Boutique studios and gyms intentionally develop the experience and touch points to enhance all of these things. We’re all missing in-studio experiences right now  — so here are seven ways to bring your favorite group fitness elements home with you.  

      1. Convenience Views for Days: Exercising in the Great Outdoors

Missing Dryft’s epic SF views of the Marina Green and Ocean Beach? Stream your favorite virtual classes from outside — make the trek out to your front yard, back yard, or rooftop. Get out of your living room to get some fresh air while you exercise — plus a little vitamin D does the body a lot of good.

      2. Loungewear, but Make It Cute: Athleisure! 

Trade your groutfit, sweatpants or old college t-shirt for an athleisure set that you’d normally wear to your favorite boutique fitness class. If you look good, you’ll feel more confident and energized to hustle through your at-home workout. Plus, like endorphins, bright colors and the resurgence of tie-dye can make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands (or quarantine partners). Instructor-approved leggings, shorts, and crop tops  come from brands such as Year of Ours, The Upside, and Outdoor Voices

      3. Turn It Up: Tune  Into a Bangin’ Playlist

A killer playlist curated by your favorite instructors always makes working out more fun. A high energy track or big beat drop can sometimes be just what you need to make it through that last set of burpees.  Even if you’re looking for the motivation to make it off your couch, check out playlists from Dryft on Spotify or workout playlists by instructors  like one I made titled  “QuaranTONED”.  They can also soundtrack your half-marathon  from the fridge to the living  room. 


      4. The Cool Down: DIY Eucalyptus Towels 

Missing the small touches and amenities that enhance your in-studio experience? You can DIY some of your favorite post-class refreshments like eucalyptus towels at home. Create this little luxury for yourself in the following simple steps:

  1. Fill a big bowl with ice water
  2. Add 8-10 drops of eucalyptus oil
  3. Submerge a few small hand towels in the scented water
  4. Wring them out 
  5. Roll them up and place them in a container the fridge
  6. Grab a towel after your workout and enjoy the cool, stress-relieving sensation

      5. Zen Vibes Only:  Create Candlelit Moments

Bring the zen vibes of your favorite yoga studios to your living room or bedroom by setting the ~mood~. Roll out your mat, turn down your lights and light a candle or two when you’re live streaming flows from your favorite yogis. Bonus points for burning incense during a slow burn vinyasa.



      6.Treat Yourself: Blend Your Own Post-Class Smoothie

Refuel after class and treat yourself to a homemade smoothie. Sure, you have to make it yourself but at  least there are no lines in your kitchen and your beverage of choice will be less than half the price of your favorite juice bar (however, if your local juice bar is still open, you could always pay them a visit — help a small business out). If you’re blending your smoothie in-house, here’s a fun recipe that’s also comforting because it’s inspired by PB&J:

  • 1 cups frozen blueberries
  • ½ cup frozen raspberries 
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • ¾  cup  unsweetened oat milk or other milk/nut milk of choice 
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter or almond butter 
  • Top with granola, bee pollen or any other topping of choice 

      7. Creating Connection: Lights, Camera, Action on Zoom

Miss the IRL energy of sweating it out with your crew? While it’s hard to replicate the in-person experience, join a class on zoom and try turning your camera AND sound on. It’ll help you stay accountable and make the virtual experience far more engaging. While “camera on” may seem intimidating, in the long run you’ll benefit because your trainer can watch you move and help you improve your form. Plus, you get to interact with the other participants – it’s a fun way to see friends or bond with your team, plus you never know who you could meet when you hang back to chat with the instructor or other participants after class! 


Group fitness classes give us that bit of time to put ourselves first. In recent times, as the days blur together we often forget the value of setting aside dedicated personal time or creating rituals for ourselves. Gyms and studios specifically design atmosphere and amenities  that help us enjoy taking time out of our day to focus on our health and wellbeing. Bringing these aspects of the studio fitness experience  into your home is a great way to spark more joy in your wellness routine or step up your self-care game.

Author Community Health Nate

Keep Your Teams Engaged While Working From Home

Please, not another article about COVID-19! Not to worry — in this piece, we focus on how to live your best life and engage with your awesome teammates in our “new normal” world. While COVID-19 will likely have unforeseeable implications on our day to day lives, it’s not all doom and gloom; we believe it presents an opportunity to create new healthy habits and build camaraderie like never before.

In many ways, COVID is expediting a trend that was already in-flight. Gone are the days of working a nine-to-five, Monday through Friday. While we shelter-in-place, technology has allowed us to stay connected and engaged with our work around the clock; our basic needs now must meet our ever-changing schedules, not the other way around. Increased connectivity has driven us to be more productive than ever but the lack of seeing friendly faces in the office, while chatting at the watercooler, plus the move to conducting 99% of our communications over Slack and email, have caused a loss of true human connection as well as increased levels of stress and burnout.

Companies need to rethink team bonding and activities. How do you replace happy hours, rock climbing outings, or bowling events? Enter virtual fitness. Not surprisingly, fitness is an age-old vehicle for increasing team engagement while improving the overall health of individual employees. Those who have access to fitness via their employers experience measurable mental and physical health benefits:

Source from Marketwatch and

So where does this leave the business of fitness? Trust me, as a professional in this space, it’s like the wild west with hundreds of operators. Everyone is spinning up virtual offerings — and the quality of the content runs a full spectrum from on point and engaging to downright horrifying.

We are going to try and provide some clarity on the state of digital fitness, and of course, show you how Dryft is here to help. This space can be viewed along two axes and then grouped into four delivery types.

Content Libraries

  • More comprehensive focus on programming, inclusive of nutrition and mental health
  • Do not allow for team-building
  • Difficult to stay engaged, motivated, and accountable when you’re watching pre-recorded content
  • Seriously, it’s like going back to VHS-powered Zumba classes in the 80’s. Jazzercise anyone?

Live Streaming

  • More polished classes, frictionless user experience
  • Limited interaction with instructor is often disingenuous and not constructive
  • Classes are too cookie-cutter; not personalized to the needs of the individual or group
  • Personal training can fall in this bucket

“Group” Live Stream

  • Instructor is live and talking to the customers
  • Customers generally cannot talk back nor engage with each other
  • Zoom classes: customer muted, video is not encouraged, creating a 1 way “live stream” like Youtube or Instagram live/IGTV
  • Music is often left to the participant to play

Group Live Stream — Interactive

  • Interaction with instructor creates a sense of community, creates accountability, and generates measurable results
  • Instructor sees participants
  • Participants see each other
  • Live dialogue, cheering, and engagement during the class
  • Virtual fist bumps, high fives, and camaraderie building

Keisha — one of our amazing instructors who will be sure to make you sweat!

At Dryft, our (obviously) unbiased view is that no one in the virtual fitness industry has done a great job of creating the community experience that has made Soulcycle, Barry’s, and others massive successes. We have taken our pre-COVID-19 world-class programming and instructors and made them available to you and your friends, families, and colleagues from the comfort of your home.

Everyone smiling and sweaty post-class!

Each class has the production quality of a live TV show; behind the scenes, there is a team ensuring the utmost quality and engagement. You don’t have just one instructor, you have a team of people making sure you get the most out of every workout. From the programming of each workout to the audiovisual setup, we are creating truly personalized experiences for you and your squad to work up a sweat and kick that quarantine cabin fever.

Let’s be honest, when COVID-19 is behind us, the way we work will be forever changed. The companies that act now to create resilient, lasting cultures and take care of their people are the ones that will endure. Virtual fitness is more accessible, and people who develop habits now will carry those over to when things return to “normal”. Virtual fitness is here for good (it will be an “and”, not an “or”), serving as a supplement to “IRL” experiences. It’s time to create recurring team-building experiences that replicate those non-working touchpoints that build trust and collaboration.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Dryft!

Thanks to the entire Dryft team for helping write this article!

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8 Benefits of WOFH
(Working Out From Home)

If you’re like me, you love working out.  If you’re like me, you also love group classes.  If you’re just like me, you STRUGGLE big time with solo workouts from home.  It’s challenging to break away from commitments, or ahem the couch, to get that body moving!  

This is where Dryft Live comes in.  We are a home fitness solution that provides live, engaging, interactive, fun, and effective workouts via Zoom!  As a Dryft Live instructor and frequent class attendee, I can vouch that our virtual classes absolutely mimic what it’s like to be in a group class sweating it out with others.  In fact, in some ways I prefer working out from home because of following the 8 benefits:

  1. Convenience
    It’s so nice to know that my 30min Dryft Live class will take exactly 30min.  I don’t have to commute anywhere or allow an additional 15min to commute to the gym, stash all my gear in the locker room, get everything set up in the group classroom….the commute is literally a few feet!  Game changer.   
  2. Minimal Preparation
    I love being able to roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, and show up to my laptop minutes later to catch that early class.  Did I apply deodorant or even brush my teeth?  No one knows but me!  And no one will be offended if the answer is no.  
  3. Squeeze It In
    Another beautiful aspect of working out from home is that I can easily fit a workout into a full workday.  It’s easy to pause what I’m working on, open up Zoom, get my 30min sweat on, then get back to work.  Will I shower before my conference call?  That’s another secret…
  4. Fuel Up
    My “home gym” (which consists of weights and a mat in our San Francisco apartment living room) is conveniently connected to the kitchen, so I can easily whip up my post-workout smoothie or meal and feed those growing muscles. Getting hangry won’t happen to me! Here’s my favorite Immunity Smoothie from Ambitious Kitchen!
  5. No Distractions
    While I love my gym friends, sometimes a quick gym chat IRL turns into an unanticipated social hour and my schedule unfortunately really doesn’t have time for it. Working out from home means I can get to business without the locker room conversation that lengthens the experience. 
  6. Comfortable
    Home is where I feel the most comfortable because it’s my space. I know where everything is, I can adjust the temperature, I can be barefoot, I can use my own mat….I can do whatever makes me feel good!
  7. Save Money
    Since there’s zero commute, I’m not spending any money on gas, parking, the bus, or shared rides.  And since I’m not relying on pricey juice bars or cafes for my post-workout fuel, I’m saving even more!
  8. Your Own Stuff
    Remember how it feels to have to “work in” with someone else on the gym floor?  Me too.  Working out from home means you get all the equipment to yourself, even if that equipment consists of two wine bottles and a heavy book.  You are both creative and you don’t have to share! My favorite at home workout equipment is my set of 8lb dumbbells.  I can do so much with those bad boys!

I’m loving this new shared experience working out from home and I think you will too.  Ready to join the Dryft crew?  Book your first class today and let’s sweat it out together!

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The Power of Community

This year has been unpredictable. One of the most fascinating aspects of a world-wide pandemic is that almost every single person is affected, whether directly or indirectly. Celebrities, political officials, friends, and even family members have now had Covid-19 at some point. Although in times of great fear and stress, we often see the best and worst of people, this has also been a time of great unity. We are fighting together against a common problem. We are fighting together and it is beautiful. 

When you go to the grocery store you might notice some weird things: no toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, and the frantic people hoarding all the canned goods stocking up for an apocalypse. But you also see communities coming together to best support those that need it most. One of my favorite signs to see in stores says, “Senior Hour”. Thankfully I do not need to get groceries at 8 or 9 in the morning and it is amazing to see how the community is coming together. 

Every level of the fitness world has had to adapt, from individual trainers to professional athletes. Funny enough, these pro-athletes who get paid millions of dollars per year are using a lot of the same tools we do. The Los Angeles Lakers, who were a front-runner to win the NBA Championship this year before the Covid-19 epidemic, have even had to shift over to Zoom video conferencing for their home workouts! 

Shams Charania of Stadium said the Lakers are looking into Zoom workouts as a way “to continue building camaraderie and a championship mindset.” This is awesome to see and shows that COVID -19 is impacting everyone – no matter who you are, we are in this together. We are also seeing religious organizations connecting through zoom or other chat room services because they know  we can all benefit from community. It may sound cliche, but we are better together. 

The clothing company Hill City is doing a virtual run club on Thursday’s where they go on runs independently and track their workouts via the running app Strava. It is amazing to see how the virtual training group continues to grow every single week and they are now even incorporating challenges. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of these runs is how so many of the runners participate even if they are not motivated because they do not want to let the others in their run club down. You can see the power of community every single Thursday on the Hill City Instagram. 

When COVID-19 hit, everything changed. At Dryft, we take great pride in many aspects of our classes. Our studio won “Most Instagrammable” on ClassPass because while you are sweating your face off, you are breathing in that fresh San Francisco air. You also get some of the best views in the Bay Area. We have high-energy instructors with high-energy beats to match. Our IRL classes were the perfect weekend getaway to break a sweat, but also find community. While we believe that nothing beats all the high-fives and fist-bumps that are given throughout the class, our Zoom classes are a pretty close second.  

Unfortunately, we cannot meet in our physical studio where we get the fresh San Francisco air and follow up class with brunch and chill. But, we are making the most out of our situation by offering a way that our clients can not only get a great sweat, but also a sense of what they are missing, community. Although our high fives are now virtual, they still symbolize the same thing people coming together in support and even if it is only for a few minutes, solidarity together. The fitness community is coming together like never before and we will be stronger at the end of all of this.