Five Reasons to Try A Virtual Boxing Class

With the whole fitness industry moving online, there are countless options of classes you can take to stay active at home. If you’re interested in trying something beyond your typical online HIIT class or are feeling inspired by a fight sequence you saw on Netflix, boxing could be a great way for you to spice up your virtual workout routine. 

Here are the five reasons you should try a virtual boxing class: 

  1. Blow off steam 

Whether in the studio or online, boxing is always a great way to blow off steam and boost your mood. Punching is an excellent way to let go of tension in the body, plus exercise in general is a great way to manage stress and improve mental health. Exercise in general decreases stress hormones such as cortisol, and increases the production of endorphins. The motion of punching is a great way to channel your energy and can be highly cathartic. 

  1. Perfect your form (and your joints!) 

In a boxing class, you’ll typically punch against resistance, whether that’s a bag or an opponent. In a virtual class, we’re shadow boxing, which means that we are running through different combinations of jabs, crosses, hooks, and upper cuts by punching the air. Because there is no resistance, it gives you the chance to hone  your form before getting back to the bag or sparring and the lack of impact will spare your wrist joints. You can focus on the full extension of the arm and properly turning over the wrist without facing the impact of hitting a heavy bag. When it comes to hooks and uppercuts, take the time to notice your stance and the way you use your legs and torso to pivot in the punch. 

  1. Increase cardiovascular endurance 

Agility is key for defensive movement, so in a virtual boxing class you’ll be working on speed and cardiovascular endurance as well. 

  1. Strengthen & Tone 

Working combinations or doing burnout shadow boxing drills  are a surefire way to help you tone your arms. If you want to level up, certain classes will challenge you to shadowbox while holding 1-4lb weights. Boxing classes also typically include strength  drills that help you improve your strike power and form. Leg power is punch power, so count on working your quads with squats and lunges. 

  1. Build confidence & feel like a badass

As you get faster and stronger, as your form gets sharper, you’ll feel accomplished because your athleticism has increased. Because boxing requires technique and precision, it’s also a great way to sharpen reflexes and improve focus. The empowering nature of the movement will  help boost confidence. But let’s be honest —  throwing a punch truly brings out your inner badass.