Author Claire Food Health

8 Benefits of WOFH
(Working Out From Home)

If you’re like me, you love working out.  If you’re like me, you also love group classes.  If you’re just like me, you STRUGGLE big time with solo workouts from home.  It’s challenging to break away from commitments, or ahem the couch, to get that body moving!  

This is where Dryft Live comes in.  We are a home fitness solution that provides live, engaging, interactive, fun, and effective workouts via Zoom!  As a Dryft Live instructor and frequent class attendee, I can vouch that our virtual classes absolutely mimic what it’s like to be in a group class sweating it out with others.  In fact, in some ways I prefer working out from home because of following the 8 benefits:

  1. Convenience
    It’s so nice to know that my 30min Dryft Live class will take exactly 30min.  I don’t have to commute anywhere or allow an additional 15min to commute to the gym, stash all my gear in the locker room, get everything set up in the group classroom….the commute is literally a few feet!  Game changer.   
  2. Minimal Preparation
    I love being able to roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, and show up to my laptop minutes later to catch that early class.  Did I apply deodorant or even brush my teeth?  No one knows but me!  And no one will be offended if the answer is no.  
  3. Squeeze It In
    Another beautiful aspect of working out from home is that I can easily fit a workout into a full workday.  It’s easy to pause what I’m working on, open up Zoom, get my 30min sweat on, then get back to work.  Will I shower before my conference call?  That’s another secret…
  4. Fuel Up
    My “home gym” (which consists of weights and a mat in our San Francisco apartment living room) is conveniently connected to the kitchen, so I can easily whip up my post-workout smoothie or meal and feed those growing muscles. Getting hangry won’t happen to me! Here’s my favorite Immunity Smoothie from Ambitious Kitchen!
  5. No Distractions
    While I love my gym friends, sometimes a quick gym chat IRL turns into an unanticipated social hour and my schedule unfortunately really doesn’t have time for it. Working out from home means I can get to business without the locker room conversation that lengthens the experience. 
  6. Comfortable
    Home is where I feel the most comfortable because it’s my space. I know where everything is, I can adjust the temperature, I can be barefoot, I can use my own mat….I can do whatever makes me feel good!
  7. Save Money
    Since there’s zero commute, I’m not spending any money on gas, parking, the bus, or shared rides.  And since I’m not relying on pricey juice bars or cafes for my post-workout fuel, I’m saving even more!
  8. Your Own Stuff
    Remember how it feels to have to “work in” with someone else on the gym floor?  Me too.  Working out from home means you get all the equipment to yourself, even if that equipment consists of two wine bottles and a heavy book.  You are both creative and you don’t have to share! My favorite at home workout equipment is my set of 8lb dumbbells.  I can do so much with those bad boys!

I’m loving this new shared experience working out from home and I think you will too.  Ready to join the Dryft crew?  Book your first class today and let’s sweat it out together!