We are excited to announce Recess is live! 

We have bittersweet news. Like many small fitness businesses navigating safer-at-home mandates, our journey has not been easy. We’ve been doing all that we can to offer the best in at-home workouts for members and take care of our instructors while awaiting reopening timelines. And while we’ve been so inspired to see how seamlessly all of you have adopted Dryft’s digital classes, ultimately, coming back to the Dryft studio-on-wheels, whenever that may be possible, no longer feels sustainable or ‘right’. There is a silver lining coming, but we first have to share, with a heavy heart, that as of Sunday 8/16, we are shuttering Dryft. 

The silver lining for us? During the pandemic, we started exploring what the best digital fitness experience could look like. We were frustrated at the preexisting technology available to deliver a great, easy-to-use class experience for instructors and members. We wanted better ways to use playlists for class, and better ways to run and experience a live class and to solve a million other pain points we discovered on our own and through Dryfter feedback. 

The result of our pandemic research and tinkering is what’s next: a digital-fitness-platform phoenix born from the ashes of Dryft mobile-studio, called Recess. You, our community, are the first to hear this news. This reincarnation of Dryft will be a first-of-its-kind fitness platform that we feel is really the future of digital fitness, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Come check it out!


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