How to Become Less Distracted

Lane Kennedy


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Lane Kennedy, our resident teacher, guide and facilitator in mediation, relates to experiencing a colleague’s state of distraction. This colleague was complaining about the fact that lately, she doesn’t seem to be able to get as much work done as she used to, she nagged about all the distractions in her life.

The modern world is filled with technology that has made our lives so much easier, but has it? We can keep in touch with relatives from all over the world or use Google to find the answer to any question that pops into our head (I miss my encyclopaedias!). We no longer have to wonder where our loved ones are when they’re not standing by a landline because we can send them na instant text message (or in some cases, track their phones). 

Having so much information at our fingertips isn’t always such a good thing. Over time our brains are becoming more and more fragmented, finding it harder to concentrate on one task at a time and making distraction inevitable. Studies have shown that young adults tend to spend almost a third of their day in contact with their phone – almost as much time as we should be sleeping at night. Think about that, eight hours with their phone, it’s not natural. When I was growing up I wasn’t even shoved in front of a TV for more than two hours!

So what is mindfulness and how do we utilize it to tune out the distractions? Read Lane’s full piece here!


Lane Kennedy is today’s no-nonsense modern-day teacher, guide and facilitator in meditation, mindfulness and Yoga Nidra, aka Conscious Sleep. She has been a meditator for over two decades and works in service to others by sharing the gift of Yoga Nidra, taming the mind and exploring the unlimited infinite possibilities.

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