Spice Up Your Routine: Jump Rope!

Christie Collins


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Jump rope is one easy thing everyone can add to their fitness routine today to up their game. 

Why should I start jumping rope? 

You don’t have to be a boxer to receive the great benefits of jump rope. It is good for any body type – strong and burly or lean and mean. It is easy to understand and cheap to get all the equipment, but also can be made much more complicated by incorporating new moves and experimenting. It’s easy to learn, and hard to master. You can do it when it is hard to get out of bed or when you are ready to get all fancy and try new things – it will meet you wherever your personality and mood is at. It helps create a toolbox of skills that are useful for all types of fitness – tempo, mental focus, endurance, and cardio. Anyone can start, receive what they put into it, and incorporate it into any of your fitness goals.

There is a misconception that jumping rope is bad for your knees. However, when you think of other cardio exercises (for example running) jump rope is actually relatively good for those with injuries. Jump rope takes a significant amount of core strength – if you aren’t able to land lightly and protect yourself, start by building up some core strength and then come back. Also a good pair of shoes and a forgiving ground help! It should be a low impact, medium intensity activity – which is great for building the heart and lean muscle mass. 

It’s also not a time-intensive activity – spend 15 to 20 mins jump roping and you will already feel like you have gotten a good workout in. Follow up with some strength training and you’ll be done for the day in 40 mins. 

How do I get started? 

The first step is getting yourself a rope (well duh), but not all ropes are created equal. Your first jump rope should be relatively light and high quality. It is one you feel comfortable with and can help build your confidence. If it’s too difficult right at the beginning, you will give up. Once you feel relatively confident, next will be adding a heavy rope to your set. Drastically changing the weight of the rope will require you to stay focused and on your toes – the best rope is the one you are not using, the one that takes you out of our comfort zone. Here’s a link to one on Amazon to get you started: 

Start with just 4 to 8 minutes adding on to your normal fitness routine. Start out easy and keep it fun! Use it as a time to tune out everything else and just tune into yourself. Make sure to tie your shoes and land lightly on your feet.

Where can I incorporate jump rope into my fitness routine and goals? 

There are many different ways you can bring jump rope into your routine. Using it for active recovery, either at the beginning or end of a workout, is great! It allows you to minimize your physical effort and control our heart rate while also still actively engaging your mind. It can be used as a warm-up – spend 5 minutes getting in the zone for your workout and signaling to your muscles it’s time to work! 

Once you are at a level where you can comfortably jump rope for about 5 minutes a great way to up your game is to jump rope with others! The action and motion of those around you force you to focus more on your own timing. You can also go for challenges and be more creative with your routine. 

Jump rope is an energy builder, not taker – use it to help you focus and be engaged in all the other goals you have for both your physical and mental fitness. So what do you have to lose? 

Dryft also offers private jump rope classes – for more information, please email [email protected]

Christie Collins

Christie is one of the behind the scenes members of the Dryft Team. She is an avid swimmer where she competed for 15 years and spends her time hiking in the wilderness. She works closely with and interviewed a number of the Dryft Instructors to gather the content for this post.

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